“I’ve taken classes and taught along side this amazing soul. She always leaves you getting more than you paid for. She puts her soul into her lesson plans. Her purpose is to share and enlighten. If you get a chance to learn from her, don’t hesitate.” – Sarah J. (Los Angeles, CA)

“Jillian is so magical, kind, and intuitive. The tarot reading that she gave me was spot on and gave me such insight of my next steps and the outcome it would bring. I’ve also taken many of her classes and love learning from Jillian’s deep well of knowledge.” – Kristy B. (Asheville, NC)

“Jillian is a great local teacher of the magical arts. I attended her candle making class and walked away with so much new knowledge and a beautiful working candle that actually helped magnetize my new home to me 💗. She offers many classes ranging from tarot to herbs in her beautifully warm home or places around Asheville like Raven & Crone. ” – Courtney S. (Asheville, NC)

“Just had my first class with her and it was magical! Can’t wait until the next class 🔮🌚✨” – Caitlyn B. (Asheville, NC)

“My tarot reading with Jillian was absolutely amazing! Everything she said was extremely accurate to my situation and she made me feel confident about my future. I highly recommend Jillian when life is confusing and you need peace and direction.” – Sara M. (Winston Salem, NC)

“Jillian provides readings that are relevant and spot on based on what has been going on in my life. I am always encouraged and able to use the knowledge she provides through the readings in tackling my challenges and having faith and inspiration about my opportunities. I will continue to utilize her skills regularly and I look forward to her kind and informed approach every time she reads for me. ” – Carol W. (Charlotte, NC)

“I’ve had a few tarot readings with Jillian and what impresses me most is how intuitively on point she is with where I am in my life. I always leave the reading feeling more certain about what I need to do next, due to the insights she’s provided. If you are lucky enough to book some time with her, you won’t be disappointed.” – Kerry Q (Los Angeles, CA)

“Jillian is an amazing, magical person. I loved my reading.” – Melissa M. (Los Angeles, CA)

“I was going through some weird transitions in my life and when I looked back at the tarot reading from Jillian, it’s all held up to be 100% true. Seriously blew my mind! It is still providing me with guidance and clarity almost a year later.” – Hannah M. (Long Beach, CA)

“I’ve had a fair amount of tarot readings and Jillian’s was one of, if not, the best. She truly knows how to work with your guides to read the cards. I was impressed at how quickly she is able to understand what all of the cards mean together, and then convey the message in a gentle, succinct and straightforward way. I still clearly remember the messages from our reading, because they resonated so deeply and Jillian shares them in such a way that they click so you clearly understand the path forward. I would highly recommend Jillian, she is highly knowledgeable and has a true gift!” -Demetria H. (Asheville, NC)

“Jillian’s reading was eerily insightful. She gave me information that was so easily applied to my partner and it was amazing. It helped me see things from a different perspective and enabled me to make informed decisions on so many levels. I would one hundred percent recommend her to anyone, knowing she gave me the most powerful, lengthy and detailed reading I’ve had. Jillian is an exceptionally kind and wonderful human being and it is of no surprise to me that she has found her calling within this realm. I cannot speak highly enough of her readings – there are some things you just have to experience for yourself, and when you do you can’t quite put them into words…” – Vique M. (Long Beach, CA)

“Jillian’s tarot reading style is warm, inviting and friendly. Jillian has a great understanding of each card, it’s meaning, and relationship to other cards drawn from the deck. The way she explains the cards is engaging and you can see she’s been doing this some time, she’s very talented. 
This is my third reading with Jillian, the last 2 were in person, and this one via Zoom.  I was curious to see how this recent one would go as I couldn’t draw my own cards, but again the cards drawn (this time by Jillian) were so bang on to my life! I love her style of reading where she goes through the past, present and future and personally relates to the cards. Its been interesting to see the shift in the cards drawn over the past 3 years and how they marry my personal and career life changes. There always seems to be one major theme that comes through, which I like in Jillian’s readings.  Lots of love Jillian, and thanks for another great reading.” – Rowena C. (Sydney, Australia)

“I have had a few readings with Jillian at times in my life where I needed guidance and answers. She guided and helped me through a difficult time and comforted me in my decisions I had to take for myself. Now I can look back at what I have been through, I can say that what I did was right for me. She is magical, kind, honest and sincere person. I feel truly honored that she took this time with me and I am looking forward to a future reading!” Maude A. (Los Angeles, CA)

“Jillian is an incredibly warm and intuitive soul. I had a reading with her that turned into quite the profound experience. I was mired in a job search and life reboot that wasn’t going anywhere, so I turned to her for some guidance and clarity. Her reading and interpretations were spot on and helped identify the roadblocks that were affecting my life. Through the reading, the discussion we had about it afterwards and the tools she taught me to help bring the things I want into my life, I’m happy to say that it’s working and things are definitely looking up. She is also deeply knowledgeable on a variety of subjects and teaches some wonderful classes. She is an amazing woman and I’m grateful for her gifts. .” William S. (Denver, CO)

“My very first reading was done by Jillian. I was apprehensive at first but she was amazing! She blew my mind at the amount of information that she delivered to me. I would recommend her to anyone. She certainly has a gift.” – Lora S. (Rossville, GA)

“Unbelievable! Jillian’s reading was fascinating. She described my exact struggles and helped me see positive solutions. Thank You Jillian for helping me get back on track.” – Tina E. (Flintstone, GA)

” Jillian is an amazing teacher, mentor and now my friend. Her teaching style is welcoming and very informative. She has a passion for sharing her knowledge with others and offers a variety of classes. 
The saying- “The teacher appears when the student is ready” was definitely the case with me. I took one of her classes and now I keep signing up for more. 
Meeting Jillian definitely started me out on a new exciting path for my life! ” – Sarah N. (Sturgeon Bay, WI)

“Jillian is such a great teacher. She has a beautiful warm energy that makes you instantly comfortable. I have had both a reading and her tarot class. She communicates and explains things so well and gives examples from her own life that help you not only connect more with what she is explaining but also with Jillian as a person. She has also been super flexible with times as I am in Sydney, Australia so the time difference can be challenging. I can’t recommend Jillian enough and can’t wait to learn more from her.” – Corinne S. (Sydney, Australia)

“I had my Tarot read the other day for the first time. It was incredible and totally spot on. Some lingering loose ends felt tied up and I felt like a door of much needed courage opened. Thanks to Jillian for her time and wisdom, your words landed exactly where they needed to when they needed to.” – Kristen O. (Asheville, NC)

“Jillian is a wonderful teacher and human being! She is patient, warm and has extensive knowledge of the tarot, Qabalah and much more! Jillian was accommodating to my short notice and schedule and I enjoyed every moment I spent learning from her! She is organized, professional, very kind and compassionate and full of knowledge that will help anyone on their learning path! ” – Sara B. (Tel Aviv, Isreal)