The First Harvest


Now is the time of the first harvest, Lammas (English), Lughnasadh (Irish) or Gwl Awst (Welsh). An important first crop of this harvest would be wheat. Lammas (Loaf Mass) celebrating the first loaf of bread made with the newly harvested wheat. Lughnasadh in honor of the Sun God, Lugh, meaning light. The Sun which gives life to the light eaters, plants (through photosynthesis). In my lineage, there would be a ritual or ceremony, celebrating and giving thanks for these gifts from the land. An offering would be made such a burying or burning the first loaf.

Today I honor these traditions by making my own offering to the land that holds me, nourishes me and gives me life. I take a moment to consider everything in my life I have to be grateful for and everything I have harvested so far this year.  It can be easy to focus on the journey of where we are going, but today I try looking back at how far I’ve come. The year is now more than half over so it is a good time to check in with ourselves.  Where have you grown, what have you learned and achieved?

Blessed Lammas



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