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Witch's Night

I enter this Beltane Portal in the midst of great change and transition.  I recently made the decision to move across the country from Los Angeles to Asheville, North Carolina.  There were many reasons for making this move but the main reason was a calling I heard, to go to where I can share my work and gifts.  I’ve put my faith and trust into that calling, without having any idea or set plan on what will happen.  Sure I have an idea of what I would like to see happen but I am also trying to surrender expectations and to accept what will be.  It is terrifying and exciting all at the same time.  The opportunities and possibilities ahead are fitting at this time of the year. Although I may have planted my seeds at Imbolc and Ostara, now I actually start to see those seeds blossom.  Beltane represents the season of awakening, flowering, fertility, love and sweetness in all it’s forms.  As a witch, connected to the Earth and her cycles, I honor this season with gratitude for the abundance and blessings.  Beltane origins are from the Celtic Sun God, Belenus, “bright one or shining one” and the Gaelic word Tane/Tine which means fire.  Traditionally Bel’s Fire, was burned to honor the Sun’s ascent and encourage light and warmth.  Warmth and light that meant growth and life.

Beltane is also a time of year when the fairies are most active.  Fairies are the boundary crossers, playful and sources of immense magic and wonder.  The Fairy Queen Elphame, holds a long association with witches dating back to the witch trials.  Always a teacher of sacred truths, a protector, a reminder to cross boundaries, our own sense of play and to not remain complacent but like the flowers through just being, to share our gifts and offerings.


“Prince Arthur and the Fairy Queen” 1788, Henry Fuseli

Into the forest, it is where I go to ground myself in my new surroundings.  At this time of year it’s hard not to notice the Dogwood trees here in the Appalachians.  Their beauty and power lies in their uniqueness, their flowers of white and pink in a world of green.


In the Dogwood petals I see the four directions; East, South, West & North, the four worlds; Assiah, Yetzirah, Briah & Atziluth, the four elements; earth, air, fire & water. Their white petals representing purity and divine spirit and the red tips serving as a reminder of love and passion.  I chose this tree as the symbol for my Beltane ritual, to connect to the new land I will now call home, at this time of Beltane, may our blossoming be as unique and powerful as the Dogwood.

Climbing the Dogwood Tree

Close your eyes

Sit for a moment at the roots of the tree, below the Earth

In a place of quiet and darkness, contemplate this space as what feeds you, where you can go to reconnect with the internal

It is here that you can decide what you carry with you and what you leave behind

It is now time to cross the boundary, to rise up

See yourself as you emerge from the roots to the surface of the Earth, reawakened as you feel the light of the sun, warm and bright

Since you are now exposed above the Earth, reach up and with reverence and gratitude pick a single Dogwood flower from the tree, place it at your heart center as an amulet of protection

Now lean against the tree, feel supported, listen

Take a deep inhale of the Dogwood blossom and open up to receive and tune into the language of the trees.

Do you hear a message? Does it’s spirit speak to you? Acknowledge any messages you receive and if you don’t hear a message now that perfectly fine, just surrender and allow for this moment of connection

Maintaining balance in reciprocity with all things leads to a stronger relationship to the great web that connects us all. Take a moment to send love, healing and protection to the tree.

So it is!

hexennacht cauldron

Beltane Blessings

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