Imbolc Blessings

Leo candleThis post is for those of us who refuse to accept that we must fit in, be “nice”, feel small, stay comfortable and that dreams are just dreams.  Instead we know that we must profoundly expand beyond what is considered normal, to be kind even when it may not be the “nice” thing to say or do, to reach for things that seem beyond our grasp, to transform in all its discomfort so that we can bring dreams into reality.

I usually pull a tarot card almost every day for guidance.  For this very special and rare Super Blue Blood Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo I knew this portal was a time to pull more than a card and to ask my guides for a message.

The Magician is a reminder that you hold the power to manifest your desires.  You’ve crafted your skills and have the tools to create this new life for yourself.  It is time to claim your power and work in partnership with Divine Spirit.  As you do this the opportunities will start to appear, Four of Cups.  Will you be ready to take them? Will you ignore them out of fear? Will you see them as opportunities if you are too stuck on the idea of your own expectations? Take those chances, those possibilities that are being offered.  The Empress, the Creatress, it is time for those ideas to be more than just thoughts in your mind.  They have been growing and developing inside you and it is now time to bring them into physical form, into the physical world.

Lunar eclipses are powerful catalysts for change.  Change can definitely be challenging, uncomfortable and even frightening.  This Full Moon in Leo calls us to be courageous.  We can use this fiery energy for transformation, to release those thoughts and behaviors that keep us small, nice & comfortable.   This powerful energy portal occurs on the eve of Imbolc, a day in honor of the Goddess Brigid.  Goddess of the Sacred Flame. Imbolc is one of the eight sabbats on the Witch’s Wheel of the year that marks the beginning of Spring halfway between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox.

Brigid is associated with the perpetual, sacred and internal flame.  Folklore tells how the flame of Brigid was maintained and kept burning  by female priestesses. On Imbolc Eve, Brigid was said to visit virtuous households and bless the inhabitants. Brigid represented the light half of the year, and she held the power to bring her light into Spring from the darkness of the Winter.  

Prayer to Brigid

Goddess of the Internal Flame,

I ask for your assistance to ignite my inspiration and passion

Fiery Goddess that protects all whom call upon you

I ask for your assistance when I am in darkness to guide me to the light

Help me to face my fears and stand in my truth

Triple Goddess, Mother/Maiden/Crone

May I honor all aspects of the divine feminine by empowering others

May I remember that there is enough abundance for all

Blessings and Gratitude to you Goddess Brigid




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