Mabon Fall Equinox


Autumn Equinox called Mabon on the witch’s wheel.  After the generous light and vibrancy of summer I look forward to the crisp air, cool nights and stillness of the season.  The sap of the trees returning back to their roots, deep in the earth, leaves change from the green of summer to the fiery reds, oranges and golds of autumn. The falling leaves reminding us of the beauty in letting go.  The Autumn Equinox divides the day and night equally, a time of perfect balance.  Persephone begins her return to the underworld, from this moment the darkness begins to defeat the light.  I give thanks to the waning sunlight and the bounty of my harvest.

Mabon Prayer

In this moment of balance may I find my own

Like trees releasing their leaves may I learn to let go of all that is not of my highest good

May I allow surrender with the grace of light yielding to the darkness

May I look upon the impending darkness as an opportunity to see my own light with more clarity and illumination

Like the earth takes her time to rest may I remember to take time for my own repose

I am grateful for the abundance of my harvest

Blessed Be





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