Bear Bones

Today I held in my hands the bones of a bear, 40,000 years old.  The bones were found in cave in Germany where they had been used in ancient ritual.  I felt humbled, grateful and unworthy to hold such magic.  The magic allowed me remember, I am the daughter of generations of sacred grandmothers. It is through their kindness, wisdom, strength, pain, courage, tenacity and perseverance that I am here.  Their whispers are the yearning of my soul.

Yearning, a power that drives me, gives me strength to come to the edge.  How bad do I want it? Enough to face the fears? It pulls at my heart. It has my mind. Deep inner knowing in my blood and in my bones, part of me, flowing through from my ancient mothers. It comes in waves.  Forget it? Doubt it? You will remember. You don’t have to be at it’s mercy, harvest the power.  You are the weaver of words, you are the binder of spells.

Thank you to Carolyn Hillyer for taking me on the journey; Yearning, Prayer Binding, Path Working & Returning.

“All the land I ever loved, all the death I ever feared.  All the truth I ever yearned for, all the songs I ever heard. I will carry them forever in my scars.” – Carolyn Hillyer

Noibo Na-Ni







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